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DaVinci Exhibit – The Machines of Change

Presented by Colorado School of Mines

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The DaVinci X – The Machines & You Exhibition illustrates the startling genius of the two Renaissance masterminds.  On display are Michelangelo’s and DaVinci’s most important works and sculptures.  The intention of the Exhibition is to provide visitors with an unparalleled experience by immersing the viewer into the lives of two of the world greatest artists that ever lived.

The DaVinci Exhibition of North America contains a magnificent presentation of hand-crafted inventions built from Leonardo’s 500 year old designs.  The exhibition models have been painstakingly brought to life many of which are interactive.  The collection features replicas of the major and most striking inventions of the original Renaissance Man. The main features on display include the “bicycle”, “spring powered car”, “hang glider” and the “air screw”, a precursor to the helicopter and for the first time ever, the secrets behind Leonardo’s legendary robotic lion.  This exhibition models are grouped in themes: War machines, Flying machines, Nautical & Hydraulic machines, as well as devices illustrating the Principles of Mechanics. The interactive machines are a popular aspect of each exhibition as visitors can touch and handle these models to gain a first-hand appreciation of how they work. Explanatory notes and illustrative panels with Leonardo’s drawings accompany each model.

DaVinci’s Art Masterpieces on display are exquisite reproductions, digitally printed and framed to the exact size of the original artwork.

DaVinci’s Masterpieces Include

 The Mona Lisa – Lady with the Ermine

 DaVinci’s Battle of Anghiari –  The Lost Leonardo

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Phone: (720) 504-9408